Annual reports for the Danish Ministerial Network against IPR Infringements (including English summaries); 

The Danish Ministerial Network against IPR Infringements was established on the basis of recommendations in a large cross-ministeriel working group report from March 2008. Find a summary in English here.

The report was the basis and starting point for the many initiatives which have been implemented by the Danish public authorities since 2008 to strengthen the fight against IPR crime. Almost all the initiatives in the report are now implemented. Among the most significant initiatives are e.g.;

  • Increased criminal penalties (up to 6 years of imprisonment) for all types of IPR crimes
  • Development of this information website on counterfeiting and piracy
  • Establishment of the Danish Network against IPR Infringements that cooperates closely in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy.

However, the initiatives in the report only marked the beginning of the strengthened efforts to combat counterfeiting and piracy. The Danish Network against IPR Infringements now consists of 11 public authorities that cooperate and coordinate closely to continuously strengthen the efforts against IPR crime. The network has established a valuable and structured dialogue with industry representatives on fighting counterfeiting and piracy.

The Netork’s many initiatives are described in the annual reports (available from the top of this page).



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